efficiency informs everything we do.

Identifying the right solution is only the beginning. Hyper-efficient project management and execution are a founding principle at SolutionSet. By leveraging reliable, reusable solutions—from site templates and code snippets to standard portal IA, we ensure no time is wasted reinventing the wheel.


Our strategy team works with you to align and prioritize goals, select key performance metrics, and identify the right approach to resolving business challenges and completing the project.


Our definition phase begins with competitive reviews, user interviews, and concept sessions. We then outline the project schedule, understand goals, develop high-level architecture, and define functional and technical requirements.


The design phase involves the primary aesthetic decisions concerning look and feel, and the creation of the final technical architecture. Custom assets, add-ons, and branding materials may also be included here.


This phase covers the technical implementation of all designs, including front-end production, development environment setup, creation of custom code, documentation of implementation process, and data transfer.


The deployment phase acts as an umbrella over the pre and post-launch phases. We conduct QA testing; transfer your site from the development to the live environment, test data interchange, and train key personnel.


Once the site has been launched, it's time to measure and refine. During this phase we review the analytics, monitor user behavior, launch phase II functionality, and explore new ways to augment and extend.