A brand reborn.

CBR® (Cord Blood Registry®) is the world's largest, most experienced cord blood and tissue bank, storing the stem cells for more than 400,000 newborns.


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The Challenge

CBR's lab was the first bank to store cord blood for family use and since its inception has led the industry in clients served, samples stored, and regenerative medical applications researched. Faced with an increasing number of competitors who continually attempted to create the perception of parity by co-opting CBR's brand messaging and assets, CBR sought to refresh its website and other web properties in a way that not only emphasized its market leadership position, but also highlighted the company's superior collection and storage services and exceptional client support. Ultimately, the goal was to make it easier for expectant parents to become educated on the benefits of banking their baby’s cord blood by equipping them with credible and compelling information.

The Solution

CBR and SolutionSet collaborated on a three-pronged approach to help CBR break away from the sea of sameness in the industry, better differentiate the CBR brand, and increase consideration and preference among target consumers. 

The three-prong approach: Brand Strategy + Creative Design + Technology included:

  • Re-branding CBR and developing a new tagline that captured CBR’s values, mission, and vision— Healthy Futures Born Here
  • Developing a multichannel content and marketing strategy for launch, complete with brand storytelling
  • Building a new microsite for the company’s education experience, CordBankingBasics®, an important tool to support healthcare providers’ efforts to inform expectant parents
  • Creating new coordinated designs for all sites and brand assets
  • Implementing a smart marketing technology solution that tightly integrated with CBR’s business systems and helped CBR synchronize all of its new digital assets, gather insights, and better serve clients and consumers.

The Result

CBR and SolutionSet developed an immersive online experience that clearly articulates the “CBR Difference”, improves the user experience, and shortens the path to purchase. Research indicates that the new brand presentation has dramatically increased expectant parents’ desire to learn more about cord blood banking and CBR. In addition, the new core website is more “sticky”—increasing the amount of time consumers spend on the site—and resulting in more consumers indicating interest and intent to bank with CBR.

Visit CBR Website
Visit Cord Banking Basics Microsite